22 Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Valentine’s Day To Set His Heart Aflutter Again!

Figuring out the best hairdo for a Valentine’s Day is tough. On one side, you would not feel like spending hours perfecting every curl. On the other side, you do not end up looking like you have just rolled out of bed. Instead of panicking over your hairstyle this year, might we suggest you take a cue from the 22 easy hairstyle ideas for Valentine’s Day below? Each hairdo fits the bill of refined-yet-casual while being easy enough for you to master in time for your big day. And even if you have absolutely no plans of getting off your pajamas and couch on Valentine’s Day try one hairdo anyway. Take it as a hot date with your hair.

Top 22 Hair Ideas For Valentine’s Day!

Check out the hairstyles to look like a damsel with a perfect tress to floor your Prince Charming!

1. Twisted Heart Braids:

This twisted heart-shaped braid is a fun hairdo and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to get a little girlish. Creating the perfect heart shape can take some practice. Here is a simple tutorial to create the same:

  • Create a middle parting. If your hair is clean then you may want to use dry shampoo to give it texture.
  • Make use of a rattail comb. Begin at the back of your parting and draw a curved line that ends behind your ear.
  • Pin the rest of your hair back. Repeat.
  • Start at the crown of your head and start with a small reverse of French braid only taking up a few hair strands from the outside of the heart shape.
  • Merienda you get behind your ear, unclip the back section. Begin adding the hair into the braid.
  • Repeat French braiding down your neck. Then clip that section to the side.
  • Continue four to six steps on the other side of your head.
  • Pull both braids at the center of your neck and secure with a band.
  • Gently tug at the hair sections of your braid to create a thicker and tousled look. Lightly use hairspray to get rid of frizziness.
Twisted Heart Braids

2. Looped Love Braids:

Out of the many Valentine’s Day hairstyles, the looped love braids are a favorite of many. This braid combo is chic enough to carry daily yet festive enough for Valentine’s Day.

  • Start with a three-strand braid on each side.
  • Pull apart braids.
  • Gather a hair section of hair, pull it underneath, wrap it around the braid and pull it through.
  • Repeat the same on the other side.
  • Tie below to form a heart shape.
  • Looped love optional fishtail is done.
Looped Love Braids

3. Half-up Love Bun:

A half-up bun is a cool-girl style of hairdo. Wear this hairstyle for a romantic day date with your partner. Here are simple ways of creating this style:

  • Start by taking the hair in a half-up ponytail leaving about one inch of hair in front on each side.
  • Take a section of the hair from the front of the head.
  • Start with regular braids and pull at the edges to give it more volume. Pin the ends using a bobby pin.
  • Repeat braiding on the other side.
  • Leave the ponytail up and secure the braids together underneath.
  • Move the ponytail back in and split the hair in the middle with the elastic.
  • Pull the ponytail in the gap straight up and pin it.
  • Take a few hair sections from the front and twist it back. Put it back at the gap on the opposite side of the ponytail. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Merienda all the twists are done, carefully pull down the sides of the braids so that there are lower than the braids.
  • Then take the ponytail and split it into two.
  • Use a hairspray to give the ponytail more volume.
  • Make a loop style to create the first half of the heart. Secure with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.
  • Carefully take the two sections and loop them down. Tie using an elastic band.
  • Pull the edges of the twist to create the heart shape.

Watch this video tutorial for more inspiration:

4. Valentine’s Half-up Braids:

Valentine’s half-up braids are fast, convenient, and stylish for a whole day of a fun outing on Valentine’s Day. For creating this hairdo, take two braids, curl your hair, and you’re done.

  • Create small braids on either side of the hair in the front.
  • Pull the braids for creating an illusion of thick hair.
  • Take one braid section at the back and pin it in the middle of your head. Take the other braided section and pin it above the first one.
  • Then curl the hair that is remaining.
  • Finish off with hairspray and you are done.

Here is a video tutorial to guide you more:

5. Romantic Updo:

The romantic updo is complicated but is as simple as one using one braid and two twists. If you have thin hair, then you may use hair extension for added volume. But you can carry on without using extensions, too. This hairdo is perfect for Valentine’s Day as it can make you look chic and pretty. Here are simple steps to create the same:

  • Create a three-strand braid leaving a few hair strands in the front.
  • Keep the braids a little loose at the top and tighten it as you are near the bottom.
  • Leave a little gap for tying the hair ends into a tiny knot.
  • Roll up the braids over the top. Secure the knotted braids using bobby pins.
  • Now grab the outside section of the braid and secure the edges using bobby pins. Repeat the steps on the top and sides.
  • For the front part, lightly twist the hair and tightly wrap it around your bun. Pin the ends underneath the bun. Pull the other front hair end and pull it across the top of your bun.
Half-up Love Bun

6. Half-up Hair Bow:

This hairdo is unique and simple to do with a little practice. It may not be done daily, but what better occasion to rock it than Valentine’s Day. This is a perfect way to accessorize your hair without using any essential accessories. Give it a try!

  • Brush your hair to remove any hair tangles before parting it.
  • Take a section of hair at the top pointing towards the back of your head. Tie off the top section using a clear elastic band.
  • Divide the hair sections into two equal halves.
  • Take the hair sections on the right and create a half loop on the right side of the bow so that the hair ends are directed towards the elastic band.
  • Pin the hair at the top, bottom, and sides of the half loop using bobby pins.
  • Pick up the left side and create a second half loop. Secure it using bobby pins.
  • Take a small section of the hair underneath the bow.
  • Bring the hair up to the center of the bow and tuck them through the gap created at one side of the bow.
  • Pin the hair sections at the top and bottom for a smooth finish.
  • Create curls until the hair ends and set the style using a medium hold hairspray.
Half-up Hair Bow

7. Faux Knot Braid:

Faux knot braid is a hairstyle that is simple to create, yet looks intricate. This hairdo looks great to carry on Valentine’s Day with cute flirty dresses and tops. The faux knot braid is neither a rope nor a braid. These series of knots are more like a friendship bracelet and easier to create. The more curls you create, the more plait-like it’ll look.

  • Start by creating a ponytail.
  • Take a small hair section and tie it in a single knot around the ponytail.
  • Then, grab another section of hair and add it to the first.
  • Take two smaller combined sections to create a second knot around the ponytail below the first one.
  • Continue knotting down the length of your ponytail.
  • Add an additional hair section to each hair knot. Finish with an elastic band.
Faux Knot Braid

8. Super Sleek Pony:

Show some bone structure with a sleek hairdo for Valentine’s Day. It is simple to recreate. Though it seems difficult to create, you can create it easily with a few practice sessions.

  • Section off the top of your hair to create a high, tight ponytail.
  • Smooth it down using a styling cream or gel.
  • Make use of a flat iron to add drama to your hair ends.
Super Sleek Pony

9. Natural Curls:

Embrace your inherent natural sexy curls this Valentine’s Day. Create a middle parting and massage hair oil for best protection and shine.

  • Loose waves and curls fall flat. So use a mousse or light gel to combat the frizziness when styling.
  • Make use of a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give bounce to your curls and waves.
Natural Curls

10. Updo With Three-Strand Braid:

This is a great Valentine’s Day hairdo. This simple three-strand braid tied to the back of a top knot adds elegance and great styling. It also locks in under layers for shorter length hair. This hairdo is all in the detailing. Here are the steps to create the look:

  • Create individual braids in the back section before making a head bun.
  • Top off the look using funky ear accessories and winged cat eyeliner.
  • Your date will totally fall in love with this look.
Updo With Three-Strand Braid

11. Slicked Back:

This Valentine’s Day, you can find your true pairing with a hairdo that really works for you. Don’t settle for basic hairdos- instead, allow this slicked-back look to inspire your next date night hairstyle.

  • Take a little amount of water and hair gel to create slicked-back style.
  • Wet down the top of your hair.
  • Brush it back.
  • Work a styling gel through your hair until it’s fully coated.
  • Finish off the look using red lipstick for a dramatic look.
Slicked Back

12. Tousled Updo With Fresh Flowers:

For Valentine’s Day, you can weave together a few fresh flowers for a tousled look. These cute Valentine’s Day hairstyles are incredibly simple to create.

  • Flowers works best when incorporated into an updo.
  • Make use of a small bunch of flowers with your updo.
  • Fasten hairpins along the stems.
  • When using smaller individual flowers, pierce the center of the flower using bobby pins.
  • Stick the pin directly into the hair.
Tousled Updo With Fresh Flowers

13. Sleek Waves:

Sleek waves are a lot less rigid and less time-consuming. Wear this hairdo for a hot date night with your Valentine.

  • If your hair is pin straight, you can wrap a few strands of hair using a big curling iron.
  • Allow the coil to cool off after a minute. Release.
  • Brush through them.
  • Finish off using shine spray and you’re good to go.
Sleek Waves

14. Loose Curls:

Loose, fluffier curls are the way to go for Valentine’s Day. This dreamy hairdo is simple to create without any fuss. You can create the look using bobby pins, barrel brushes, and tongs.

  • Start by combining all your hair to untie all knots.
  • Apply a pea size amount of heat protectant cream from the hair ends to roots.
  • Lastly, make two hair sections and each half into three sections.
  • Wrap your hair around the curling iron.
  • Place the curling iron at the root of your hair and hold it for few seconds. This can provide instant volume.
  • Wait for 15-20 seconds before releasing the curls.
Loose Curls

15. Low Bun With Fall-out Knot:

If you are wearing a backless dress and want to show off, try this low bun with fall-out knot. For how simple this is to pull off, this hairdo is absolutely spectacular!

  • Pull your hair back into a bun by allowing your hair end to hang loose.
  • Tie your hair using an elastic.
  • Allow the fall-out knot to fall messily for a unique finish.
Low Bun With Fall-out Knot

16. Beachy Side Sweep:

Turn your midday meeting or date into a spectacular moment to remember. This cool, romantic hairdo is finta refreshing for the eyes.

  • Scrunch a dollop of mousse and work along the hair lengths.
  • Pull the hair into a loose, side ponytail.
Beachy Side Sweep

17. Hidden Heart:

Do you have to attend a wedding on Valentine’s Day? Then try easy heart hairstyles like this one. Wear this hairdo to ring in the occasion with great style. You can create this hairdo with a little practice.

  • Pin a few strands of curled hair ends in the shape of a heart.
  • This is perfect to celebrate the romantic event.
Hidden Heart

18. Sweetheart Style:

Recreate this look for Valentine’s Day. This can be great for a day date. It is cute, flirty, and absolutely chic. Here are a few tips to get this romantic hairstyle right:

  • Part your hair backward.
  • When the parting ends, start braiding your hair in a curved shape.
  • Finish with a peachy makeup look.
Sweetheart Style

19. Rope Braid:

You can create this rope braided style by mapping out the shape using a comb. Then you can rope braid the rest of your hair. Here’s how:

  • Start off making this braid using a fine comb to detangle your hair. Brush through the entire hair length.
  • Take a small section of hair at the crown of your head.
  • You can try this as a side braid, too.
  • Take a few sections of hair on the side of your head that you want to braid.
  • For a French rope style, you can twist the hair as much or if you want a twisty French braid, you can untwist the braids and cross them over.
  • Finish the braids ends using an elastic band.
  • You can create a bun at the bottom, too.
  • Merienda you braid the ends, twist the braid into a bun.
  • Secure the bun using bobby pins.
Rope Braid

20. Fishtail Updo:

Fishtail updo is a perfect hairdo for a night out in town with your sweetheart. You can wear this hairdo with a smart blazer and clean cut pencil skirt. The hairstyle features one fishtail French braid and a regular fishtail braid. The bottom braid is wrapped for creating a braided bun with the top braid.

  • Start with creating a parting on the right side.
  • Take a section of hair on the right side and divide it into two sections.
  • Take a small hair strand from the back section. Cross it over the top, and add it to the front section.
  • Cross a small strand from the front over the top and take it all the way back.
  • Cross over a small section from the back and pick up a section of hair crossing it over.
  • Repeat the steps with the front section until the braid reaches the top of the left ear.
  • Gently loosen the sides of the braid and tie off the end using a clear elastic band.
  • Create a regular fishtail braid with the rest of your hair. Cross them over to the other section until all hair is braided.
  • Gently loosen the sides of the braid to create a fuller braid. Tie off the end using a clear elastic band.
  • Twist the back braid into a bun and pin it in place.
  • Create small twists on the right side of the head to tighten the hair for more detailing.
  • Wrap the fishtail braid over the top of the bun and pin it in place.
  • Gently make the fishtail braid fuller to hide the hairpins in the bun.
  • Finish off the look with a cute hairpin or clip.
Fishtail Updo

21. Tousled Pony:

The ‘I woke up like this’ hair can be a little hard to pull off, especially if you not sure about creating a messy ponytail. But it is actually simple to make the disheveled look work for you. To inspire your messy hair Valentine’s Day look, we’re showcasing this tutorial to you:

  • Loosen a three-inch hair section using the curling iron.
  • Start by pulling your hair and gather it at the top.
  • Pull it into a high ponytail (ignore the flyaways).
  • Take one inch of hair section from the ponytail and wrap it around the colchoneta of the pony to hide the elastic.
  • Finish off using a texture product onto the lengths.
  • You can feel free to scrunch, twist, and massage your hair.
Tousled Pony

22. Waves with Gold Chain Hair Accessory:

With these entire amazing hairdos, all you need to finish the look is a good hair accessory. To make your Valentine’s Day more special you can adorn your hair with a gold chain hair accessory. Here is how you can think outside of the accessory box:

  • This look can channel your inner Greek Goddess.
  • Select a simple gold chain with a hint of shine.
  • Blow-dry your hair smooth.
  • Add beach waves.
  • Air dry or flat iron.
  • Stick a bobby pin on either side of the necklace. Attach the chain to add oomph to your crowning glory.
Waves with Gold Chain Hair Accessory

Hope these 22 easy hair ideas for Valentine’s Day make your day extra special and make you want to grab some hair products. Lastly, go for a hairdo that works for your personality. And watch a deluge of compliments come your way as your chic hairstyle is sure to make his heartbeat racing.

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