24 New Mango Items That Are Giving ’90s Prada Vibes for *Way* Less

If your Pinterest mood boards are full of ’90s Prada pins and your post notifications are on for IG accounts like @oldprada and @prada.archive, then Mango’s new collection titled Heritage is going to rock you to your core. Not only does it give serious vintage Prada (and specifically, Prada Sport) vibes, it costs far less than the archival pieces that litter Depop and Grailed’s shopping pages. 

The brand-new collection features a total of 36 items (with more coming) that range from mesh flats and kitten heels to miniskirts and capris, all of which were inspired by Mango’s archives from the ’90s. “The collection is defined and led by tighter fits, stretch fabrics such as nylon, leather, and denim, as well as minimalist designs along with neutro tones,” a press release states. “Heritage… reflects a decade that is more contemporary than ever and back on trend.”  

Below, expect to find matching sets in the form of tailored jackets and hot pants, fitted trousers styled with miniskirts, and a simply perfect LBD. But that’s enough of me fangirling. Scroll down to take in the Heritage collection all on your own. 


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