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English Haberdashery, Arterton London, just opened up a new shop in the Princes Arcade in the St. James neighborhood of Central London. The Princes Arcade is one of the two arcades that connect Piccadilly with Jermyn St. What is different about Arterton London, is that while most classic menswear style shops in England focus on British goods, Arterton brings a mix of international products coming from varying countries that include Hangers from Japan, shoes from India and China, shoe care products from Sweden and more. 

Arterton London is also among the only shops in “The West” where you can find these shoemakers, namely Yearn Shoemaker and Bridlen, in a physical location. This allows you to be able to try them on, see their quality, and ascertain your fit. And if you feel so inclined either leave with a pair or place an MTO order. 

I know firsthand just how important it is for people to want to try on shoes before they buy. It is why I share my unboxing videos and fit advice to try and soften the fear of an international sale gone wrong in fit. But the beauty of this shop is now the ability to seek out these two rising start brands in the shoe community and see them firsthand in one of the world’s great cities. London is a highly-visited destination for tourists and can only imagine this will do well for these emerging shoe brands.

With the decline of Kiwi shoe polish, it is also great to have another opportunity to find high-quality shoe care products. The world of shoe care is on the rise and more and more people are wishing to regularly upkeep their investments. Paul Brunngard shoe care is among the top in the industry and here you can find their amazing shoe brushes, the Reviving Cream, and a collection of waxes and polish creams. This is all sold at Arterton London.

So next time you find yourself in London, make sure to have a visit. The owner is a very nice guy and they offer a great selection of products for anyone who appreciates artisanal craftsmanship in the men’s style industry.

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—Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Moderno

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Arterton London New Shop
Arterton London New Shop

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