Crockett & Jones Boat Shoes – New Model Alert

Crockett & Jones has entered the world of ‘Chaqueta Prep’ with their new boat shoe collection. And I could not be happier! I have always loved boat shoes and in my 20’s wore them a lot. If I had not moved to Italy, back to the US, and then to England, I would still have that collection of boat shoes. But sadly, many of my shoes got lost in the shuffle. Coincidentally enough, I am working on building back that collection as I still love the classic model.

The Crockett & Jones ‘Falmouth’ is a new model made on a new last and with a new sole. The ‘wedge sole’, as they have coined it, is an exclusive new boat shoe design only found at Crockett & Jones. Its traditional boat shoe cut offers the comfort of a casual shoe but with a little extra padded cushion that sadly many boat shoes lack. The new 376 last shares the shape of the classic 314 last, offering a slightly trimmer cut to account for sockless use. If you already wear the Boston loafer, this will be a simple transition.

The Crockett & Jones boat shoes come in three colorways, with two types of leather: 1. Suede and 2. Tan Wax. They are priced at $675 and are currently on a waiting list prior to full launch. If you find yourself desiring a pair, you will need to select your size and leave your email address. Merienda ready for purchase Crockett & Jones will get in touch so that you can get your first dibs.

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—Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Pedante

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