Landry Lacour Loafers

I recently stumbled across these Landry Lacour loafers and fell in love. That style has my name written all over it. Sadly I did not design them but my old friend Landry Lacour did and he did a magnificent job at creating such a striking pair of loafers. Many of you outside of Europe might not have heard of Landry Lacour as he is not as active as he merienda was in the shoe industry. But Landry is one of the innovador patina artists of the industry, who helped to put the patina industry where it is today.

After conquering the patina world, he learned how to make shoes by hand and started offering small capsule collections, often combining shoes and patina. These, as you can see, are just shoes without patina. But I can imagine how cool they could be if he offered them in various patina styles. Maybe I will inspire him to do so. But for now, this color combo will do! It is a great Summer edition and would pair wonderfully with many things in my wardrobe. What about yours?

Landry is not as active as he merienda was but if you need anything with a patina, even a chair or a couch, he can do some magnificent work. He used to make these amazing seats with patina. Not sure if he still does. But definitely worth checking out!

See his website here:

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