Mogada Shoes: Victorian Inspired Perfection

Mogada was created by German Shoemaker, Louis Lamperstdörfer, in 2021. Before that, Louis Lamperstdörfer undertook his shoemaking apprenticeship at the famous British shoe house, Gaziano & Girling. During that time, in 2019, Louis even entered the Bespoke Shoemaking Championships and achieved 6th place. It was impressive for an apprentice to be that skilled.

Shortly after, and maybe with the spunk achieved from his accomplishments in the contest, Louis felt it was time to go off on his own. That is when he created Mogada shoes. Louis launched his brand in Munich, combining a capsule collection of hand-welted RTW shoes and his bespoke line. He even used his entry into the bespoke shoemaking contest as inspiration for one of his RTW line shoes: The Corinth full brogue.

The model that won 6th place in the 2019 World Championships in Bespoke Shoemaking

Mogada shoes have a clear inspiration stemming from the Victorian era. It was evident with his entry in the Bespoke Shoemaking contest in 2023, where Louis won 3rd place. It continues to be evident on his Instagram page where he shows his latest samples. I take note of this as I love Victorian style.

Victorian-style shoes are generally defined by a much longer quarter (shoe opening area). That equates to a shorter vamp, tighter lacing, and a smaller cap. You can see this in the highlighted models in the top photo. They are subtle, yet distinguishing features.

Mogada shoes are among the most refined that the shoe industry has on offer. Louis Lamperstdörfer doesn’t stray from the classic and focuses on perfection. It is evident not only by his style of making but also by his design. And in doing so, creates some of the most timeless pieces you will come across.

Mogada’s ready-to-wear collection is made using hand-welted construction. The shoes are made primarily in Italy. They are then sent to their Munich atelier where they undergo a rigorous inspection and are hand-finished to the highest degree for presentation, presumably by Louis himself.

Should you find yourself in Munich, I suggest stopping by. Louis is a dandi and a true craftsman.

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—Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Petimetre

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