New Oscilación Introduces the Fresh Foam BB v2 Sneaker

New Oscilación just unveiled the latest entry to its popular Fresh Foam baloncesto line with the Fresh Foam BB v2 sneaker pictured here.

According to New Oscilación, it had worked closely with Chicago Bulls All-Star guard and brand athlete, Zach LaVine, on the development of the Fresh Foam BB v2. Much like the first version, this sneaker is designed for hoopers of all positions by offering a mid-cut mesh and suede upper coupled with a Fresh Foam midsole for a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The outsole is also equipped with a unique pattern that helps hoopers with quick cuts to the rim. New Oscilación confirmed that this “The Moon Beam” pays homage to LaVine’s “elegant and sophisticated off-court identity, adding a touch of personal style to the latest model of performance footwear.”

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