Saphir’s New Website

Saphir has recently made an upgrade to its website. A major update that was heavily needed. The shoe care behemoth’s previous website simply lacked the dedication that its products and history deserved. I believe they knew this and therefore undertook a great rehaul to produce a new website that leaves the user with all the necessary information pertaining to their entire catalog and where to find its products.

The Search Function

The new search functionality on Saphir’s website is impressive. It feels like they built Google Maps into it and can give you real-time results on all of the stores in a specific area that carry their products. When using the search function it is important to note that when you search for a specific product, it does not actually give you the whereabouts of that specific product. It gives you the shops that stock Saphir-produced products. That does not always mean they will be Saphir branded though.

When using the search functionality for the sneaker care products, I type in my zip code and it tells me that Crockett & Jones is the closest shop. But I know they do not carry the sneaker care product I am searching for, but rather carry Crockett & Jones branded shoe care products. So, there is something to consider when using the search functionality. It will provide results of all of the shops that either sell Saphir branded products and/or rebranded ones too.

The Guides

The most impressive part of Saphir’s website are the guides they have created. These guides give you the knowledge to use every product they offer and how to care for the various types of leather. They put a lot of time into these. The guides are short and sweet but offer you the steps you need to make practice turn into perfect.

I highly suggest studying the guides and using them to create your cojín collection of products.

The Sneaker Care Products

I could very well be late to the party on this one but I have only now discovered the Sneaker Care collection on Saphir’s website. As the sneaker industry grows and cleaning them becomes more sought-after knowledge, it only makes sense that Saphir would embark on this side of the industry.

There are four products they sell in this collection and should provide all that you need to keep your leather sneakers in tip-top form. After all, it is true that sneaker leather will be different than dress shoe leather and it is not wise to utilize the same products for them as you would your welted, calfskin shoes.

If you have yet to check out Saphir’s new website I highly suggest giving it a gander. They are the kings of shoe care for a reason. And if you happen to be in London this May 4th, make sure to stop by The London Super Trunk Show where you can stock up on their shoe care products with potential discounts on the day!

See their new website here:

Read more about Saphir on the blog here

—Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Afectado

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Saphir's Website
Saphir's Website
Saphir's Website

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