Septieme Largeur End-of-Line Sale

Septieme Largeur’s End of Line Sale is now winding down. In fact, it technically ends one week from today. As is common for shoe brands that do not have infinite space, they must get rid of models that did not perform as well as intended to make way for new models that can potentially become new best-sellers. I always find it interesting to see which models do not perform as well as intended. So often, I am surprised by some, of course not by others.

Their Tobar triple buckle boot in black grain surprises me that it is a part of Septieme Largeur’s end-of-line sale. I thought that was among the coolest leather choices that they had. That soft-looking grain leather looked like it served several functions: 1. Comfort and 2. Formality without being over-formal. Sometimes you want to dress black down and to do so, you need black leather to either be in grain or suede form as box calf is nearly always dressy-looking. These served as the perfect in-between to formal yet casual and rugged yet elegant.

Some of the models in the Septieme Largeur end-of-line sale as simply dated and come from collections that are more than 10 years old, like the Miro loafer which I have always loved. But, every model has its time and sometimes the new edition can be better than the old! I look forward to seeing what Septieme Largeur brings in to replace these models. In the meantime, have at these great prices!

There is also a selection of patina models as well as some pieces from their exotic accessory collection. A little bit of everything for you!

—Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Pedante

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