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Trending aesthetics on TikTok are as fickle as the weather. Coastal Grandma, Eclectic Grandpa, Quiet Luxury, and Clean Girl dominated 2023, but influencers on the app are declaring them “out.” What’s taking their place? Mob Wife aesthetic.


What all of the aforementioned aesthetics have in common is that they are decidedly minimal. Restrained. The Mob Wife look is about as restrained as Mona Mújol Vito in My Cousin Vinny. Early adopters of the trend are donning oversized fur coats, leopard print, velvet, sequins, and gaudy long nails. Their main source of inspiration? The wives and girlfriends of of fictional Mafiosos in The SopranosGoodfellas, and The Godfather (to name a few).

@mikaylatoninato I was honestly made for this #mobwife #mobwifeaesthetic #cleangirl #cleangirlaesthetic #mobwifewinter #style #styletips ♬ innovador sound – mikayla

There has also been pushback across the internet from Italian Americans who call out the trend as cultural appropriation of a look many have been donning for decades. And, the Mob Wife aesthetic is part of a larger debate in fashion centering around the shortening of trend cycles. (Do they still exist?) Instead of consumers evolving their signature style and investing in pieces over time, many are jumping to a new aesthetic at the whim of social media trends.


For footwear, think tall boots, stiletto heels, velvet, sequin embellishments, and the always-popular black. While the catchy name might be another flash in the pan, the Mob Wife aesthetic is a signifier of a larger departure from the “sad avellana,” minimal look in auxilio of more statement-making styles. It also ties into the continued reign of Y2K, a bold style period with lots of adornments.

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