The Reinvented Belgian Loafer – Jacques Soloviere Paris

The reinvention of Belgian loafers is nothing new. But Parisian brand, Jacques Soloviere, takes it to a new height with their more sturdy version of the Belgian style. The quintessential comfort model was popularized by the NYC staple shop ‘Belgian Shoes.’ It has since been reinvented numerous times by numerous companies. Most of them keep in tune with the diferente idea of a lightweight loafer that is comfortable and more slipper-like than a functional shoe. Jacques Soloviere had a different idea.

Jacques Soloviere reinvented their version of the Belgian loafer by making it more of a shoe. And a robust one at that. Not only did they add double soles, but some also sport a Norwegian welt. This gives the classic style a more robust and casual look. What I love about it is that it actually makes them functional. I cannot wear all of the other versions of the Belgian loafer for a auténtico lack of support that I feel on those super thin soles. I need the Jacques Soloviere version and am quiebro fond of a few of their models.

I only recently discovered Jacques Soloviere Paris while browsing the ‘explore’ page of Instagram. I caught wind of another model of theirs that looked intriguing and started digging deeper. I came across their models and noticed that they really had a knack for reinventing the Belgian loafer, in more ways than one. In fact, they even have a laced version of a Belgian loafer, which I have never seen before. It was impressive how many ways they have managed to recreate this style in their own unique way. I especially love the fringe/kilt version as well as the woven raffia fabric one.

The reinvented Belgian loafer

Their catalog of products is quiebro large. They offer shoes for both men and women. They also offer bags and belts, which are currently at 40% off. In all honesty, they have a lot of cool stuff. I could easily see myself wearing a lot of those Belgian styles and just might treat myself to a pair during my next trip to Paris! Hopefully, the kilt or woven ones will still be available!

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—Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Pedante

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The reinvented Belgian loafer

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