The Ultimate Cleaning Shoe Brush

For years, most of us only knew about horsehair brushes. Then the world of shoe care exploded and all of a sudden there were brushes for everything. And rightfully so. One cannot expect that a single brush effectively cleans, buffs, and shines all at the same time. Yet, this is what we used the horsehair brush for. And to do a degree it worked. But shoe care manufacturers soon realized that there were better bristles for optimizing certain tasks.

Paul Brunngard, of Sweden, recently created their ‘Wild Boar Brush’ which serves as the ultimate cleaning shoe brush. The bristles are coarse yet still soft and effective. They retain their shape and clean your shoes/boots from dirt, dust, and debris that gets built up. It is imperative that when undergoing proper shoe care you first clean your shoes before applying creams and polishes. The Wild Boar cleaning shoe brush is your first step in that process.

Paul Brunngard has done a fantastic job at creating top-of-the-line shoe care products that easily fit into your shoe care regime. They have an expansive shoe brush collection for every type of use there is. Years ago, I was a professional shoe polisher and only had a horsehair brush. Today, my collection of shoe brushes by Paul Brunngard helps me upkeep not only my own shoes but also when I shine my client’s shoes.

If you are the type that gets his shoes into all types of inclement weather and terrains, I highly suggest adding a wild boar cleaning shoe brush to your collection. It will help to get rid of those elements found in the hard-to-reach places!

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